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The Art Event at Lipscomb

"Hunter" and friends.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be among nearly 70 artists participating in the 14th annual Art Event at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville. The show is one of a handful of "prime," indoor, fine art fairs in the Music City, and it featured an amazing array of talented people and their wonderful artwork. For me, the honor to be even included in something like this almost outweighed the thrill of getting to meet so many good people at the Event.

On Day 1, as Betsy and I finished the setup of my booth, we started to get to know the fantastic artists who shared a row with me. Through the three days of the show, Carol, Tiffany, Teresa, Richard and Tim were awesome to work alongside, as we helped each other, supported one another and kept things upbeat and positive, even through the occasional slow parts of the day.

As usual, my wife, Betsy, was my key partner. From braving the 20-degree temps to help me unload the artwork, to scrambling with me in the rain to place paintings back into our car, she was a trooper. Everybody loved her, too, as she made even more new friends than I did.

My display was heavy on original pieces, including several paintings that made their debut at the show. The centerpiece was a 48 x 24 acrylic work of a great blue heron, titled "Hunter.

The Art Event was certainly a success, as I sold some paintings, learned a lot from other artists and gained a good number of new friends. The folks who ran The Art Event were incredible, too, and made all of us feel at home. Like every show I've ever participated in, I derived a great deal of inspiration from the artists and art there. I was completely flattered to be asked to participate in the show, and ultimately awed to see the amazing work on display. The entire experience will make me a better artist as I continue to work on my craft, to explore new ideas and techniques and to develop new and more exciting paintings.

Speaking of which, break time is over. I gotta get back in the studio ...

Me, Carol, Teresa, Richard, Tiffany and Tim ... easily the best row at The Event.

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