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Alive Hospice - Murfreesboro

A few weeks ago, a chance encounter with a good friend led to a great opportunity at a wonderful organization. Alive hospice in is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide personalized care to more than 3,600 patients and their families annually (more than 430 a day) and grief support services for nearly 600 adults and children in Middle Tennessee. As their website says, "The heart of Alive is the love, compassion, and personalized service we bring to every patient and family in our care."

I was getting a haircut -- a routine endeavor that became a downright luxury over the past 17 months. Plopped down in the chair, my thinning hair wet and half-cut, I was well within that uncomfortable stage of the trim where you hope no one you know happens by and sees you. Of course, someone did. My friend, Jennifer Levi, there early for her appointment, popped in and cheerfully said hello. Jennifer works for Alive hospice, and manages the Murfreesboro residence for the organization. Several years ago, when she was a hospice nurse, Jennifer provided incredible care for my wife Betsy's grandfather during his final days. She truly helped make his last week, after 93 years of a life well lived, dignified and full of love. Betsy, her mother, her aunt and her grandmother were all so thankful for Jennifer being there for "Papa Buddy."

Now with Alive, Jennifer helps orchestrate the same kind of personalized service for families and patients in the organization's Murfreesboro location. In our brief meeting during my haircut, she was nice enough to ask about my art and then inquired if I would be willing to display some of my work at the Residence. Flattered and honored, I instantly accepted the offer, and a few days later, I was hanging several pieces of my work on the facility's gallery wall.

This is a cool thing for me. Alive provides such a wonderful service to their patients, their families and friends, and to be even slightly associated with that is beyond meaningful. I can only hope my work brings someone some happiness during their time there, or possibly transports someone to a pleasant memory or different time.

On top of offering me some space in the gallery, the good folks at Alive even interviewed me and posted the resulting conversation on their website. It's just an honor on top of an honor. Thanks Jennifer, and thanks Alive, for all you do.

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