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Dan Sharley. Artist. Fisherman.

"Faith, family, freedom and fish ... pretty much in that order. All of those things inspire me to paint, too, which is probably the way it should work. I'm a native Tennessean and largely a self taught artist who has traditionally used watercolor as a preferred medium. My passion for fishing fueled my venture into professional art, and I constantly find inspiration by the fish I pursue, the settings I'm lucky to enjoy and the family and friends I'm blessed to have."

Dan has been featured in several publications, both print and online, including Angler's Journal magazine, FlyLife Magazine and Southern Kayak Fishing magazine. He is a featured artist on Dan has been profiled on the television shows, Tennessee Crossroads and Tennessee Wildside, and his painting, "Home Waters," graces the cover of the mid-south fly-fishing guide of the same name. Recently, Patagonia licensed some of Dan's artwork for their apparel

Dan was also featured in the Anglers Influence podcast, hosted by Fly-Fishing Guide and good friend, David Perry, of You can listen here:

The Church Street Gallery in Murfreesboro, Tenn., offers for sale many of Dan's original paintings. Please visit the gallery, or check out the gallery's website or Facebook page

Dan and his wife, Betsy, live in a home on the banks of a smallmouth stream in middle Tennessee. When not painting, Dan can be found knee-deep in the river, casting for his next inspiration. 

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