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Anglers' Influence

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

It's raining -- a lot -- these days in middle Tennessee. Most of our fall and all of our winter has been downright wet, as we've been caught in a seemingly perpetual cycle of rain events. As a result, rivers are swollen, if not raging, and the big hydroelectric dams are spilling. Sadly, that's pretty much eliminated fishing, which makes many of us turn to other angling-related activities.

If you, too, are stuck inside your home, staring at your fishing rods and dreaming about upcoming trips to your favorite stream, here's a good way to pass the time. My good friend and stellar fly-fishing guide, David Perry, has started a series of fishing-related podcasts called The Anglers' Influence. He was kind enough to include me in a recent broadcast, which you can listen to here.

In addition to his podcasting side-projects, David is a truly outstanding fly-fisherman and guide. I'm not pandering here because he featured me on Anglers' Influence; he IS the man when it comes to guided trips down middle Tennessee streams. Whether it's chasing trout on area tailraces or hurling giant streamers to muskie up on the plateau, David can put you on fish. You can find out more on his website,

I hope you enjoy our conversation on The Anglers' Influence, and I encourage you to stick around and listen to David's other interviews. It's really good stuff. And, perfect for a rainy day.

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